The United Reformed Church is committed to caring for God’s Creation and Greenwood URC is taking action.

We have registered with Eco-Church and are:

  • Exploring ways in which we can actively reduce our carbon footprint by, for example, using low energy lightbulbs.
  • Caring for our land to promote biodiversity, for example, by planting native plants and ensuring grass areas are cut in different lengths.
  • Reducing our impact on the wider environment by using ecofriendly cleaning products and paper goods
  • Supporting local charities that promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for all, for example Sustainable St Albans.
  • Supporting national and international charities that promote climate justice and work for the alleviation of poverty in the world’s poorest areas.
  • Aiming to reduce waste and recycle as much as possible

To find out more visit:


Sustainable St Albans

Eco-Church - things to do to help nature and wildlife
Links to ideas for helping wildlife

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